Theresa May Made A Weird Face When Meeting Some Children And Became An Unexpectedly Relatable Meme

    Some children showed her some Lego, and she just sort of...winced.

    So Theresa May was visiting a school on Wednesday when this happened.

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    She was at Captain Shaw's primary school in Bootle, Cumbria, while she was visiting Copeland, where there's a by-election.

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    And while the children showed her what appears to be Lego, she, well, grimaced at them a bit.

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    It took precisely no minutes before everyone procrastinating the afternoon away on Twitter noticed the pictures.

    It was not ~unnoticed~.

    And people felt it was rather relatable.

    when someone likes my tweet but then clicks through to read the rest of my timeline

    A lot of people said "Me".

    me when a child shows me something (📷 @gettyimages)

    When your friend is telling you about that bad date she went on

    "Fuck is that? Fuck are you?" - a diptych, 2017

    "Dear god, what IS that." "Lego." "Yuck."

    British politicians of course have a long and glorious history of not coming out on top in arranged PR opportunities in schools.

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