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George Osborne Delivered His Budget, And The Internet Delivered A Barrage Of Abuse

He really does look like a child showing off his lunchbox.

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George Osborne delivered his pre-election Budget in parliament today. As is now traditional, people on Twitter called him a "briefcase wanker".

But at least this year there were some more creative insults too.

#Budget2015 #GeorgeOsborne @ThePoke #Budget2015FilmPosters

These film posters were a welcome addition to the general barrage of Twitter abuse directed at the chancellor.

@ThePoke #Budget2015FilmPosters #Budget2015 From my archives...


Although this one was a bit disturbing.

#Budget2015 Oh dear, we're all fux…

Meanwhile, it turned out Osborne also had the look of a small child showing off his lunchbox.

When that one kid won't stop going on about what's in their lunchbox #Budget2015

And has mastered the art of moving his arm as slowly as physically possible without stopping.

There was some important analysis of the chancellor's facial expressions.

A reminder of the many moods of @George_Osborne #Budget2015


It didn't long for someone to make some fake TV credits for him.

The person who writes the BBC titles is really feeling their job today #Budget2015

Everyone wondered if he'd pull a rabbit out of a hat.

If there's one thing we know about this chancellor, it's how much he loves a rabbit from a hat #Budget2015

Other people were transfixed by the shape of Osborne's hairline.

But to others, all the numbers on the BBC News Channel made it look a bit like an episode of Numberwang.


As you can see, the deputy prime minister was full of excitement during Prime Minister's Questions, just before the big speech.

He so gripped he was spotted checking his phone.

Nick Clegg sneaks a look at his phone during the budget.

And it was all too much for Vince Cable.

You know it's going well when Vince Cable is trying to RIP OUT HIS OWN EYES #budget2015

Rachel Johnson thinks the chancellor looks like TV survivalist Bear Grylls.

My expert analysis of #Budget15 is that @George_Osborne looks more and more like @BearGrylls every day


Though there is a certain resemblance to Monty Burns.

Release the hounds. #Budget2015

Some people were reminded of the time when Osborne looked a bit spaced out in the Commons.

Luckily, home secretary Theresa May enlivened proceedings with some truly strange facial expressions.

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