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The Guy Who Jumped Onstage To Charge His Phone At A Broadway Show Just Apologized

"Ultimately, before coming to see Hand to God I downed a few drinks," the man said in a statement. " I think that clearly impaired my judgement."

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Nick Silvestri, the 19-year-old student who gained internet fame when he jumped on stage to plug his phone into a fake outlet on the set of Broadway's Hand to God, issued a public apology through the show's press agent.

"The past few days have been really crazy, and I wanted to have the opportunity to try to explain what happened and also offer an apology.

"Ultimately, before coming to see Hand to God I downed a few drinks and I think that clearly impaired my judgement.

Before the show started, I noticed that my phone’s battery was low, and the only power outlet I saw was on stage. I think you all know what happened next, and I don’t have a very good answer for the question that many of you are probably wondering: What was I thinking? I guess I wasn’t really thinking.

I don’t go to plays very much, and I didn’t realize that the stage is considered off limits. I’ve learned a lot about the theater in the past few days--theater people are really passionate and have been very willing to educate me. I can assure you that I won’t be setting foot on a stage ever again, unless I decide to become an actor.

Silvestri went on to apologize to the cast and crew, stating that he knew how bad it feels "to feel like the crowd isn't on your side," as he is on his college's lacrosse team, he explained.

"Going to see a Broadway show is one of the most special things you can do in New York City," he said. "You can make phone calls and send text messages all day long, so when you’re in the theater for a couple hours, just put the phones away and enjoy the show."

"Once again, I’m sorry for my actions, and I hope that I can become an example of a great theatergoer in the future. Thank you so much for listening.”

Lots of people get a bit anxious when their phone battery runs low – but not everyone would climb on stage moments before a play is due to start to plug a charger into a fake socket.

Yet that is exactly what someone did on 2 July at the Booth theatre in New York, which is showing the acclaimed Hand to God.

As one witness, Chris York, wrote on Facebook, it happened just before the show started:

Facebook: cmyork81

The crew stopped the pre-show music and removed the phone, and the theatre made an announcement pointing out that you can't plug your phone into the set.

A spokesperson for the production team confirmed the incident to Playbill.

Two of the show's actors, Sarah Stiles and Marc Kudisch, mentioned the incident on Twitter.

A guy jumped on the stage and plugged his phone into the fake outlet on our set just before we started. @HandtoGodBway #fullmoon or #idiot ?

Dear general audience, an electrical socket that's a part of the set of the play is NOT for you to charge your iPhone.....just an FYI.....

And as the story gathered steam on social media last night, the show's Instagram account came up with this sly reference.

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