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George Galloway Keeps Tweeting Pictures Of Himself In A Hat And No One Knows Why

The Respect party leader and 2016 London mayoral candidate is the target of many hat-based jokes at the moment.

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Galloway used one of the sad hat pics again on Wednesday – as he waded into a row involving remarks made by Ken Livingstone, about a Labour MP who has lived with depression being "disturbed".

the witch-hunt turns on Ken Livingstone. Tooth by tooth claw by claw they are trying to defang JC. I defend Ken.


And people have started to notice the former MP's forlorn hat pics.

All of George Galloway's latest tweets are accompanied by a photo of him ruminating in a hat

And so, as is the way with these things, Twitter predictably took the piss.

George Galloway, fresh off the back of his second read thru of The Game, negging your missus in an All Bar One

uh oh looks like the Brits are "taking the piss" again

It was remarked that he bears a resemblance to the picture of the sad dog that Sky News presenter Kay Burley shared the other day.


When your looking fresh and about to head out the door and your mom says you can't go to the party

There were Fifty Shades of Grey jokes.

This is what his Tinder profile might look like.

I see yer da's pleased with his latest headshot.

One charitable soul suggested he looked like a 1930s detective.

Galloway looks like he's about to step from an alley lighting a cigarette and offer to help find your wife's killer


And he appears to share taste in hats with Freddy Krueger.

Galloway walking into hat shop: "Looking for something which defines my evil". Milliner: "I got just the thing".

This question remains unanswered.

Why does Galloway accompany his tweets with a picture himself wearing a hat and not the image we really want to see?

Here he is with some quotes from Sartre.

Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes Over Those Pictures Of @georgegalloway In A Fedora

Ultimately, Galloway's hat is something that can bring people toegther.

George Galloway's hat wants to divide us, we must come together and agree that it's shit.

And we gained a terrifying insight into what might happen if he was to remove the hat.

What will happen if George Galloway ever removes his hat.

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