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Jeremy Clarkson Has Left The BBC And Twitter Is Having A Meltdown

It's just possible that Dale Winton as a replacement is not a serious suggestion.

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So that's it, then: Despite the angry petitioners, Jeremy Clarkson has left the BBC.

#Clarkson sacked? So, one last time...

Immediately local newspapers started searching for a way to cover the story.

BREAKING: Former #Derbyshire school pupil Jeremy Clarkson sacked by BBC - read more here:

Jeremy Clarkson sacked. What will happen to Top Gear, filmed at Dunsfold?

Doncaster born Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked by the BBC following the 'fracas' with a producer...

I bloody love local news (via @robindepeyer)

Speculation over Clarkson's next venture reached fever pitch. A job doing something on Dave, for example?

BBC / Baby Cow Productions

LOTS of people think this is just like when Alan Partridge didn't get another series from the BBC.

Ladbrokes have Clarkson odds-on to join North Norfolk Digital within a year.

How about a guest appearence on Black Mirror?

That one episode of Black Mirror. But, y'know, with Clarkson.

Or perhaps a guest appearence on the next Mario Kart.

Getty / Ian Kington // // BuzzFeed / Patrick Smith

Or, chillingly for his critics, the London mayor's chair.

Jeremy Clarkson is 100/1 to be next Mayor of London

Meanwhile, the man himself appeared to be out of the loop this morning.

Just to keep everyone up to date, I haven't heard a thing.

While his Top Gear co-star James May had bigger problems.

One would hope that at this stage Clarkson has been informed.

I hope the BBC lets Clarkson know soon. You know what he gets like when he's on edge.

This scurrilous rumour could not be confirmed.

Jeremy Clarkson rumoured to be putting together new production team for future shows.

This juxtaposition in Orkney Library was just a little bit suspicious.

Really quite wonderful juxtaposition on the returns trolley today #Clarkson #P45

But this is a serious matter for Clarkson's army of fans.

A lot of men in high-waisted jeans will be flying them half-mast today #clarkson #sorrow

Some wondered if his firing would come in the form of a wacky TV stunt.

RT @MartinMorComedy: Jeremy Clarkson is to be fired today. I hope he is fired from a cannon into a caravan. #TopGear

The news was all too much for people to take.

I'm in tears after hearing the Clarkson news. By 'tears' I mean 'Gap', and by 'after hearing the Clarkson news' I mean 'buying pants'.

Private Eye put the whole "Save Clarkson" petition into context.

Classic Private Eye. #Clarkson #Badawi

This baffling image was circulating on Twitter for some reason.

As was this Vine showing Clarkson's quite wonderful hair from a bygone age.

There were suggestions for possible replacements for Clarkson, such as Dale Winton.

Dale Winton celebrating the announcement that he is the new host of #TopGear

As well as suggestions for what could replace Top Gear.

.@BBC Lose Clarkson for good & do my show SLOP GEAR, where I just pour mayonnaise onto Formula One engines & scream about my mother.

With Clarkson, it's never dull.

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