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This Might Be The Real Reason Cadbury Flakes Don't Melt

What type of chocolate doesn't melt?

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The thing is Flakes don't melt, and no one knows why.

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A spokesperson told BuzzFeed, “Cadbury does have a secret manufacturing process which is used when making Flake… How we do it is a carefully guarded secret that is known to only a select few at Cadbury.”

We decided to test the meltability for ourselves. First we microwaved a Flake for one minute.

As expected nothing happened.

The Cadbury spokesperson explained, "[The manufacturing] process prevents the chocolate from melting and allows it to remain in the unique shape seen in Flake."


Then we tried to melt it over boiling water.

After five minutes nothing had changed.

We then tried to melt the Flake next to some normal Dairy Milk chocolate.

Within minutes the Dairy Milk had melted into a puddle of delicious liquid, but the Flake hadn't changed.

Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

With Cadbury keeping tight-lipped, we turned to food scientist Dr. Stuart Farrimond to figure out what was happening. He explained, “Flakes don’t melt because the fats within them are, on a microscopic level, clumped together with the sugar and cocoa, rather than being spread evenly throughout.” Whilst he couldn’t confirm, Farrimond believes “it’s almost certainly a result of how they temper the chocolate.”

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