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"Men And Wine" Is The Instagram Account You Didn't Know You Needed

For once wine isn't the sexiest thing in the picture.

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We're just hanging out.

*Pouting for the gods*

Meet Men and Wine.

No need to thank us, but we just found your new favourite Instagram account.

AKA the most perfect collection of photographs in existence.

The sole purpose of this account is to showcase the greatest wine and men in the world.

It does that pretty well tbh.

No longer will you have to waste time searching both the #wine and #men hashtags separately.

The best of both is right here.

*Screams internally*

Do you even remember what you were doing before you clicked on this post?


We don't.

Neither do these two.

Just enjoy the view.

By "view" we mean his butt.

Maybe grab yourself some wine.

And some men too, perhaps?

You must be a little thirsty.

Why not have the whole bottle?

There's always more where that came from, right?

Did we mention this account also has dogs?

Well, if we didn't, this account also has dogs...

It's OK if you're drooling a little...

Maybe you need to take a bath and chill out?

Can we join this guy?

The follow button is calling you...

Pick up the phone!!!!

Your new life is waiting...

You don't want this guy to be sad, do you?

Do you?

Have you thought about marrying Men and Wine yet?

We have...

Is it legal to marry an Instagram account?

Follow Men and Wine here for more men...and wine.