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    Posted on 2 Oct 2015

    This Insane Golf Course Is 4500 Feet Above The Ground

    A bit Over The Top if you ask me...

    Over The Top Golf is a golf course in New Zealand's Southern Alps.

    Over The Top Golf
    Over The Top Golf

    The course is located 4500 feet above Queenstown.

    The hole is accessible only by helicopter... / Via Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

    ...this means players have to literally fly in before they can start driving, chipping, and putting to their hearts content. / Via Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

    The golf balls for the course are specially made and bio-degradable "eco-balls".

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed
    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

    So there's no need to worry when your first few miss the hole! / Via Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

    There are four different platforms from which you can play. / Via Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

    Prices start at $475NZD per person and can go as high as $3500NZD for a group of five.

    And the course is a personal favourite of NZ Prime Minister John Key.

    Beautiful! / Via Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

    Visit the website for more information.

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