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I Spent A Month Searching For Drop Bears And This Is What Happened

In which I look intensely at things a lot.

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After moving here, I was faced with constant reminders that drop bears were something to always be wary of.

Georgia Lonergan / Via Facebook

This homemade drop bear warning was found near my house in South Sydney, NSW.


I realised that if I wanted to find one, I would need to do some research. At this point, all I knew about them was that they were similar to koalas.

China Photos / Getty Images

"They're kinda like a koala... But not..." - Every Australian ever.


I reached out to Taronga Zoo, Sydney Wildlife Park, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Australia Zoo, LonePine Koala Sanctuary, and Melbourne Zoo, for further information.

Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

I’ve since received just one response, from Featherdale Wildlife Park. This is what they had to say in answer to my question, "why don't you have drop bears?"

Their mysterious response just raised more questions. Why was there no evidence of drop bears? What were they trying to hide?! I decided it was time to go out on the hunt for a drop bear myself.

The start of my journey took me to a crowd of people, surrounding a pen of mysterious animals.

What was so special about them? Why were they drawing a crowd? I went in for a closer look, thinking they could be the drop bears I was searching for.

After a close and in-depth inspection, I came to the scientific conclusion that these were not drop bears.

Michelle Rennex / Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed

Any basic enthusiast would know that these animals - I now know are called "greyhounds" - do not have pouches for their young, and can therefore not be drop bears.


I then took my search to a large building that was mainly made of roofing.

What better place to find something that is native to Australia and likes to drop on tourists than the Sydney Opera House?

I realised that my knowledge of the elusive creatures was still incredibly limited.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

I went back to the beginning and looked further into the drop bears' supposed cousin; the koala.


So I went undercover at Wild Life Sydney Zoo to find out more...

...I spent a morning posing as a koala keeper and learnt many things about them.

I found out that they eat many different types of eucalyptus leaves, and they mainly just eat, sleep, and poo.


Sadly, this meant my time learning how to care for koalas shed very little insight into the life of drop bears.

I did get to meet this little baby though, and naturally fell in love.


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