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    Posted on 4 Nov 2015

    27 Times Kiwis Got Real On Tumblr

    Kiwis can't be trusted on the internet.

    1. This one about a dope bird.

    2. This one about a classic Kiwi pastime.

    3. This one about bread names.

    4. This one about negative personality traits.

    5. This one which perfectly sums up our Australian neighbours.

    6. This one that shows just how much they annoy us.

    7. This one which sums up how we feel about the Australian rugby team.

    8. And this one regarding their skills.

    9. This one that took Netflix and chill to a new level.

    10. This one about topical nail art.

    11. This one about important news.

    12. And this one about less important news.

    13. This one about IRL clickbait.

    14. And this one about our youth.

    15. This one which proves there's no such thing as no news.

    16. This one about our national figures.

    17. And this one about national sports.

    18. This ~inspirational~ one.

    19. This take on a classic meme.

    20. And this one which made all kiwis hungry.

    21. This one about our special problems.

    22. This one about our struggles.

    23. And this one about our country's most pressing issue.

    24. This one about New Zealand memes.

    25. And this series which started out weird.

    26. Then got weirder.

    27. And finished weirder than it began.

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