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    Posted on 30 Oct 2015

    29 Reasons Scrumpy Is The Most Iconic Kiwi Drink

    It's scrump-diddlyumptious.

    1. The Instagram account Scrumpy Adventures is proof that Scrumpy is the most New Zealand drink ever.

    2. Scrumpy has long been close to the heart of many a Kiwi.

    3. For many, it's like a child they've raised throughout the party.

    4. Nestled into every Kiwi's bosom, as we stare on with adoring eyes.

    5. It's as iconic as Shortland Street.

    6. And it's the easiest drink to transport.

    7. So light and simple to carry!

    8. Try carrying that many bottles of wine like that.

    9. You can take it anywhere!

    10. It's the ultimate squad drink.

    11. Or alone drink!

    12. It's perfect for anyone.

    13. Because, when you get deals like this, why the fuck not?

    14. Scrumpy doesn't limit itself to people of a certain social stature.

    15. Scrumpy is here for anyone...

    16. ...And everyone.

    17. It's great for any situation.

    18. Whether you're in bed...

    19. ...Or in a bath.

    20. Scrumpy is gonna be there with you.

    21. Even the pets love it.

    22. It truly is this nation's drink.

    23. And let's not forget the iconic game that is Edward Scrumpyhands.

    24. It's a Kiwi classic.

    25. A New Zealand house party without Scrumpy...

    26. ...Is like a Warehouse with no sausage sizzle.

    27. Thanks for all the good times, Scrumpy.

    28. We may not remember them all...

    29. ...But that's your fault.

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