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    It's Time To Die Of Dysentery All Over Again In The New "Oregon Trail" Game

    You won't even have to sign up for time in the school computer lab to play it.

    Does this image give you a rush of nostalgia?

    A box for one of the early versions of "The Oregon Trail," complete with a mountain man using an Apple II computer with a raccoon on top of it

    Or maybe this is the image that causes vivid memories of hunting for meat and pelts with the click of a mouse.

    The box art for "Oregon Trail II" on CD-ROM

    Or maybe this is the image you think of when you hear the phrase "ford the river."

    The box art for the fifth edition of "The Oregon Trail"

    No matter what era you first played The Oregon Trail in, this phrase probably has deep meaning to you:

    A framed picture of an 8-bit covered wagon that says "you have died of dysentery"

    Well, good news: The best game in your elementary school computer lab can now be played on Apple Arcade.

    Because it may have been a while since you tried to brave the trail, you can try your luck in The Oregon Trail mini game over on the Apple Arcade Twitter thread.

    Do you have what it takes to take a trip on The Oregon Trail? — A THREAD

    Twitter: @AppleArcade

    The mini game tells us a lot about what we can expect from the full game. For instance, we're still making tough choices at the beginning of the journey regarding food and medicine.

    A town in the Old West, along with a graphic of two choices: Extra Medicine and Extra Food

    The classic conundrum of whether to ford the river or not is still very much in play.

    A wagon party at the edge of a river with two choices: Hire a ferry and Ford the river

    There are also some new decisions that probably didn't show up in your CD-ROM version, like what to do about these bison that are blocking the path.

    A wagon party in front of a herd of bison is faced with two choices: Wait for them or Scare them away

    These new choices can end pretty badly, TBH.

    You'll also be faced with who should keep the watch while the rest of the party rests: Billy or Otto?

    The wagon party sits around the campfire, as someone asks, "Who will keep watch?" The two choices are: Billy keeps watch and Otto keeps watch

    Word to the wise: Don't pick Billy.

    The wagon party all sits around an injured Billy, with copy that reads, "Billy cannot continue"

    In summary: The computer game you loved as a kid can now be carried around in your pocket. That's certainly a reason to cheer.