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Patrick Baker 24 days ago

Make A Meal In Your College Dining Hall And We'll Accurately Guess Your Major

Can a five-course meal reveal your course of study?

Patrick Baker 25 days ago

OK, Please Look At These Cute Puppies For A Moment Of Self-Care Now

Just hit paws on your busy life for a moment.

Patrick Baker 25 days ago

12 Small Moments In Life That Make Everyone Feel Super Confident

Someone complimented your shoes? Time to take over the world.

Patrick Baker 3 months ago
Patrick Baker 7 months ago

10 Video Games That Just Might Help You On That History Test

For when just hitting the books doesn't cut it.

Patrick Baker 2 years ago

I Did Whatever People Asked Me To Do For Money

If it's for a good cause, you can get people to do some really stupid things.

9 Games For People Who Love The Great Outdoors

For those moments when you want to go for a hike, but you can't bring yourself to get off the couch, here's a list of video games that nature appreciators will love.

Patrick Baker 3 years ago

Why Are All These Star Trek Actors Yelling At Us?

What's the quickest way to make you give to a good cause? These actors are betting that it's to shame you with Shakespearean language.

Patrick Baker 3 years ago

Here's A Presidential Sticker Book Just For Grown Ups

Want to learn about the history of the executive branch while making penis jokes? Have we got a book for you!

Patrick Baker 4 years ago

10 Assassins From "Assassin's Creed" The Animus Seems To Have Forgotten About

There are legends like Ezio and the Kenways, and then there are these guys.

Patrick Baker 4 years ago

1 Elephant You Have To See Before You Die

Just look at that damn elephant, guys.

Patrick Baker 4 years ago

9 Refreshing Summer Getaways In The City

Summer in the city getting you down? No matter which city has you feeling sweaty and cramped, there's a place to refresh and recharge right around the corner. Here are 9 places where you can kick back in the big city.

Patrick Baker 4 years ago

13 Places You Probably, Maybe, Don't Want To Buy Anything From

You went looking for a bargain, and instead found these places.

Patrick Baker 4 years ago

Ron Swanson's Guide To Summer

As a man of the outdoors and a lover of freedom, Ron Swanson knows how to have a great summer. Follow these tips to keep your summer as awesome as Ron F*#king Swanson’s.

Patrick Baker 5 years ago

10 Hippos Who Are Completely Over It

4 legs, 3000 pounds, and 0 F**ks.

Patrick Baker 5 years ago

22 Lemurs Who Think They May Have Just Pooped A Little Bit

I mean, maybe. Not sure. Just play it cool.

Patrick Baker 5 years ago