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    • patriciaw7

      in 1964, my dad had been out of work for2years, there were7kids under 13, and there was only oatmeal in the house that morning and the milkman (remember those) said he couldn’t continue to extend us any more credit. There was no money to buy anything more. Before lunchacar pulled in the driveway and my mom’s friend from about 50 miles away, her husband, and two kids got out, opened the trunk, and started to unload about 15 sacks of groceries, more bags full of clothes, and they handed my mom an envelope. We made lunch for everybody, played with the kids, and then they went home. I’ll never know what they talked about when they shooed us all out into the yard, but later we found out that my mom’s friend had just woken up witha”feeling” earlier in the week, and started collecting clothes, shoes, and groceries from her neighbors. They just showed up because it was Saturday and my mom hadn’t called or written in quiteawhile and there was that “feeling.”
      We learned what pay it forward meant that day. My mom had fedalot of “hobos” in the 50s when things were tough for them and we had enough to have leftovers in the fridge.

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