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Tell Us About The Most Fucked-Up Micoraggression You've Experienced At School

"You're only good at sports because you're black."

Microaggressions can happen anytime, anywhere—even at school.

So what exactly does a microaggression sound like? Assuming students of color are only good at something because of their race.

And assuming you know a classmate's native language, their heritage, their culture, and basically their entire background based on how they look.

Teachers are also guilty of dishing it out. Like failing to properly pronounce a student's name after they've been corrected time and time again.

And telling a student that their "type of hair" is "inappropriate" and "not groomed"? Yep, that's definitely a microaggresion.

So if you've experienced microaggressions while at school, tell us in the comment section below: What was said, who said it, how did it make you feel? And, most importantly, was anything done about it?