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J. Crew Just Apologized For A Black Model's Seriously Controversial Hairstyle

"They didn't even try."

Madewell is a popular brand known for its vintage-looking jeans and its "cool girl" aesthetic. Think no-makeup makeup and tousled #iwokeuplikethis hair.

Well one model’s hairstyle has gone viral and sparked a major beauty debate. People are very divided on whether her hair is just part of the brand’s carefree aesthetic, or if it was just poorly styled for the photoshoot.

Some people are saying it looks like the company gave zero efforts to her hair.

@rosechocglam / Via Twitter: @rosechocglam

More specifically, they're accusing the brand of not hiring a hairstylist who could properly care for and style the model's texture at the photoshoot.

Some people are also claiming that this isn't the first time a fashion brand has disregarded a black model's hairstyling...

...Pointing to other brands, like ASOS, Fame and Partners, and Madewell's big sister brand J. Crew, as examples.

On the other hand, you have people saying her hair looks cute in an effortless bed head kinda way.

And some folks think that the model's appearance is being held to unfair standards simply because she's not white.

People had such strong opinions that the debate went viral and made its way back to the model, whose name is Marihenny. She told The Shade Room that "the concept of the brand specifically is to show that clothes can be comfortable wearable and naturally beautiful [sic]. So the natural hair and makeup fits right in."

J. Crew also weighed in, ultimately tweeting an apology "for the styling of this model and the offense that was caused."