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This Teacher Recreated Her 4-Year-Old Student's Hairstyle And, OK, I'm Crying, But You're Crying Too

"I thought, 'What better way to show her how she inspired me to feel beautiful?'"

Hairstyle inspo is everywhere. Just ask Leigha Bishop, a teacher at Lakeview Elementary in Sugar Land, Texas, who was inspired by her 4-year-old student's new look. "She came to school with the cutest up-do that I HAD to try," Leigha told BuzzFeed.

When your student is just so cute, you HAVE to copy her💁🏽‍♀️💕 #PreKchronicles #TwinningTuesday @LVE_vikings… https://t.co/Z8b8Aw2em0

When the student debuted her Fulani braids at school, Leigha complimented her and told her not to be surprised if she showed up at school with the same hairstyle the next day. "Of course she didn't believe me," the elementary teacher said. True to her word, Leigha got to work as soon as she got home, "My mom and I actually shared the job of getting my hair all braided up."

The last-minute hair sesh was totally worth it, though. "Her jaw dropped and she just stared at me," Leigha said. "I told her, 'You thought I was playing? We are going to be cute together!'"

Twitter user J'Ardoin Janǽ recently discovered what Leigha had done and shared the heartwarming story in a tweet that's already been liked more than 125,000 times.

For some people, Leigha's uplifting act restored their faith in humanity.

@JArdoin_814 I'm gonna print this out and keep it in my pocket for when I need to remember that there's good in the… https://t.co/8q7szdnAtW

Others made plans to recreate the braided look on their own young queens.

@JArdoin_814 Adding this style to my choices for my 5yo Queen

The story also served as a great reminder of why representation matters in the classroom.

"What I love most about being a teacher is the power I have to pour light into each and every little soul that steps foot in my classroom day after day," Leigha said. "Whether you're in Pre-K or fourth grade, being taught to love yourself and being taught you are whole is VITAL!"

Future leaders of LVE!!! 🖤📚🌟 @LVE_vikings @FortBendISD #LiteracyNightAward #PreKchronicles

"While I am teaching them content needed to grow and move on to the next grade level, I am also teaching them to love themselves a little more for the next challenge they might face in the next stage of development," she added. "It is with the connections and relationships that I am able to help students succeed academically, and it is with those same connections and relationships that I am able to possibly save lives of children who never knew what being whole felt like."

Shout out to those teachers making sure ALL their kids feel seen!!! Y'all are truly a gift.