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    19 Photos That Prove Natural Hair Doesn't Need Twist-Outs To Look Beautiful

    All curl patterns created beautiful.

    1. We LIVE for a bomb twist-out, but let’s not forget one important thing...

    2. Curls and coils don’t need to be super defined to be beautiful!

    3. Yes, tightly-coiled naturals can do a lot to stretch and change our pattern when we want. But know that we don't have to.

    4. Because despite what you may have heard, Lupita's coils are just as poppin' as Chilli's waves.

    5. Not to mention, twist-outs can take a MINUTE, especially if you have a lot of hair like this bombshell.

    6. So why not let your unique hair texture just do what it do?

    7. There literally isn't a ruby or gem that could outshine this crown.

    8. Meanwhile, homegirl's out here walking around like a work of art that just up and left the museum.

    9. Stuntin' is clearly a habit when you've got that zero gravity hair.

    10. Like look at the way these curly q’s bend light like a MF superhero.

    11. That's why your luscious mane might sometimes look more matte than glossy.

    12. Keep that lil’ receipt in your pocket for the next time someone says your hair looks dry.

    13. Get into the way these coils cling to each other, forming one of THE coolest hairstyles known to mankind…

    14. ...the AFRO!!!

    15. An iconic style that's often imitated...

    16. ...but NEVER duplicated!!!

    17. So the next time you think you need to change your gloriously coily pattern...

    18. …just remember that you woke up like this.

    19. FLAWLESS!!!