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    19 Photos That Prove Natural Hair Doesn't Need Twist-Outs To Look Beautiful

    All curl patterns created beautiful.

    1. We LIVE for a bomb twist-out, but let’s not forget one important thing...

    @_tayloranise / Via

    2. Curls and coils don’t need to be super defined to be beautiful!

    @laporcshia / Via

    Take this lovely, fluffy 'fro, for example.

    3. Yes, tightly-coiled naturals can do a lot to stretch and change our pattern when we want. But know that we don't have to.

    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    Hi ya'll 👋 It me!!!

    4. Because despite what you may have heard, Lupita's coils are just as poppin' as Chilli's waves.

    @lee_majikija / Via

    5. Not to mention, twist-outs can take a MINUTE, especially if you have a lot of hair like this bombshell.

    @liberalartsdiva / Via

    6. So why not let your unique hair texture just do what it do?

    @joynavon / Via

    7. There literally isn't a ruby or gem that could outshine this crown.

    @thegoddessolusike / Via

    Bow down!

    8. Meanwhile, homegirl's out here walking around like a work of art that just up and left the museum.

    @tolaniav / Via

    9. Stuntin' is clearly a habit when you've got that zero gravity hair.

    @offbeatorbit / Via

    10. Like look at the way these curly q’s bend light like a MF superhero.

    @itsfashionilove / Via

    Instead of reflecting light, like straight hair, these remarkable ringlets actually refract light.

    11. That's why your luscious mane might sometimes look more matte than glossy.

    @miss_dzidetei / Via

    12. Keep that lil’ receipt in your pocket for the next time someone says your hair looks dry.

    @gaelleprudencio / Via

    13. Get into the way these coils cling to each other, forming one of THE coolest hairstyles known to mankind…

    @jesusgang / Via

    14. ...the AFRO!!!

    @tolaniav / Via

    15. An iconic style that's often imitated...

    @miss_andisa / Via

    Like that time this magazine used a white model for an Afro hairstyle tutorial.

    16. ...but NEVER duplicated!!!

    @_akua_s / Via

    ~Your face when they unsuccessfully tried it~

    17. So the next time you think you need to change your gloriously coily pattern...

    @shelovesthefinerthings / Via

    18. …just remember that you woke up like this.

    19. FLAWLESS!!!

    @sindiswamsomi / Via


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