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    17 Photos Of Impossibly Good Twist-Outs That Will Make You Believe In Sorcery

    When it goes from #blackgirlmagic to black magic real quick.

    If you can't nail a twist-out to save your life and this painfully accurate meme speaks to your most inner depths, then please, friends, envy these twist-outs with us.

    1. The body. The definition. The volume. IN WHAT WORLD?!

    2. *heavy sigh* Never felt so inspired and discouraged at the same time.

    3. But why does this twist-out look like an ad for natural hair products?

    4. *screams "IT'S NOT FAIIIIIRRRRRR!" at top of lungs*

    5. Ringlets like this and we're supposed to believe she's not a unicorn? ~sure~

    6. As if the eyeliner wing wasn't enough, she pulls off this flawless crown of glory. We feel disrespected.

    7. HOW SWAY?????????

    8. Gasping and saying "UMMAGAAAAWWWSH 😩" is the only appropriate reaction.

    9. This braid-out is actually our New Year's resolution.

    10. Never once have we done a twist-out and had such looks of peace and ease on our faces.

    11. People have bought wigs that look like this because it's just that hard. #AngelHuman.

    12. Baby hairs AND curls?! DIS TEW MUUUUUUCH!

    13. Thanks for these helpful steps that we'll never be able to successfully do!

    14. This is the kind of hair we only saw on Disney Princesses... until now.

    15. Just knowing there are people in the world who can do ultra defined and slightly-tousled curls at once gives us hope for tomorrow.

    16. But the detail of each and every one of these tiny ringlets is blowing our minds.

    17. Success, noun: When your twist-out looks like a wash-and-go and then you slightly smirk because you know you did THAT!