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    10 Seriously Life-Changing Tips And Tricks From Actual Hairstylists

    These are the things hairstylists wish their clients already knew.

    1. After you've straightened your hair, spray some light hold hair spray on a paddle brush and run it through your hair. It'll smooth down fly-aways, make your hair super shiny and soft, and give it that extra oomph.

    2. If you're using a curling iron or flat iron, always use a heat protectant. You wouldn’t reach into an oven at 400 degrees with your bare hands, don’t subject your hair to that kind of heat without protection!

    3. A lot of people don’t know you can curl your hair with a straightener. I’ve taught a lot of clients how to do it.

    4. If you're blowing out your hair at home, try to dry 80-85% of your hair before you start sectioning and round brushing it. It'll cut your drying time in half!

    5. Bleaching your own hair rarely gets you the outcome you want. Just because you’ve done it before and it’s worked doesn’t mean it always will. See a professional.

    6. As someone who's seen their fair share of over processed blondes and damaged hair, the best deep conditioner I’ve used is The Kure by Amika. It smells amazing and works wonders after multiple uses!

    7. Not only is box color really bad for your hair, but it can also be super hard for us (and expensive for you!) to remove or change that color.

    8. My curly haired queens, the more you touch and mess with your hair as it’s drying, the more it will frizz! And that includes any vigorous towel drying too. Try to gently squeeze downward with the towel or, even better, use a soft T-shirt.

    9. If your stylist is recommending products to you, it’s not because they’re greedy and want your money. It’s because they believe in the product and know it will do great things for your hair.

    10. And finally, if you're buying professional salon hair care products, buy them at a reputable salon from a stylist you know and trust.