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    The Best Fashion Statement Of 2019 Is Indya Moore's Red Carpet Look Honoring Murdered Black Trans Women

    They also revealed how a donation from Lady Gaga impacted their life for the better.

    Last night, Indya Moore made one of the most important fashion statements of the year, using accessories to highlight a national crisis: the rampant killing of black trans women.

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    The Pose star was receiving a Magazine Cover of the Year award for their gorgeous, history-making Elle cover, and showed up to the ceremony in "Keepsake" earrings composed of photos of 16 trans women who've been murdered in 2019.

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    In May, Indya became the first trans and the first openly nonbinary person to appear on the cover of Elle in the magazine's 74-year history.

    They also carried a framed photograph of Bailey Reeves, because — as both Indya and Beads Byaree designer Areeayl Yoseefaw explained — the 17-year-old was killed three days before the event and after the earrings had been made.

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    "Indya Moore’s jewelry served as an altar, and their speech was both a prayer for the future and a call to action," Areeayl wrote on Instagram. "In their hour of celebration, they put their trans sisters in the forefront. They spoke for those who cannot and became a light for everyone."

    "On this day that I’m celebrated and awarded for being visible, I decided to bring them with me," Indya said in their acceptance speech. "Just like me, these women dared to exhaust their freedom to exist by being visible. However, instead of being celebrated, they’re punished for it."

    In addition to pointing out the many systemic injustices facing black trans women today, they thanked people who've had a positive impact on their life, like Lady Gaga who "made a very generous donation to the foster care agency" to their old foster care home, they revealed.

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    "Lady Gaga directly influenced the quality of life for myself and my peers when we were living in group homes. When we had no families," they said. "She’s an incredible example that you can make an impact on people’s lives, especially when, [like the trans community], they make up .6 percent of an entire population."

    Indya also thanked their parents for "being an incredible example to parents everywhere that it’s possible to learn and adjust your parenting in the best interests of your child’s existence."

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    "Thank you for being an example that loving your children unconditionally is fundamental in healing, and can greatly determine the life quality of a child and their future," they continued. "As a child, to experience this is the greatest safety a human can know. I love you forever."

    I honestly can't think of a better way to use one's power, fame, and fashions for good. In conclusion, Indya said it best themself: "We deserve to feel and experience belonging, just as you all do so regularly."

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    You can read Indya's full acceptance speech here and access resources that improve the quality of trans lives at

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