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Updated on Aug 31, 2018. Posted on Aug 28, 2018

People Are Praising The Beauty Gawds For This Tool That Makes Broken Makeup Like New

Because who the hell is throwing out a cracked Trophy Wife? Not I!

Breaking a fresh tin of makeup is a beauty lover's WORST nightmare.

Luckily for us, beauty entreprenuer Jill Rossini has designed a quick fix appropriately named Fixy Makeup. It's a cute little kit that's basically the Olivia Pope of broken palettes, highlighters, and more.

Here are all of the parts:

And here's how it works: first, you dump all of the makeup onto the top section of the press (aka the "dumping drawer").

Fixy Makeup / Via

Then you mash it all up using a nifty little grinding tool until all of the product has transferred to the other side of the press.

Fixy Makeup / Via

Once you've decided on the best Fixy makeup tin for your product, dump the grinds into the tin, spray a bit of binding solution (unless it's a mineral-based product), and then finally place the top section of the press over the makeup tin and firmly press for 10 seconds.

Fixy Makeup / Via

Tell me this isn't bombest makeover transformation you've ever seen?!

If your first thought was "I want this!" you're not alone.

@cleo_gold / Via Twitter: @cleo_gold

"Wow I need this to fix back almost all of the highlighters that broke :"-)"

@princessadxx / Via Twitter: @princessadxx

"I just wanna break all my make up and use this product now."

@ssgarbear / Via Twitter: @ssgarbear

BTW it also works for lipsticks. According to the Fixy Makeup website, you simply microwave the broken piece, pour it up like Rih, and voila! A born again lippie.

Fixy Makeup / Via

As for broken hearts, I'm not so sure :( Then again, never underestimate the power of makeup!

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