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    Updated on Apr 17, 2019. Posted on Apr 17, 2019

    Beyoncé's "Homecoming" Documentary Is A Love Letter To Black People, And These 17 Moving Tweets Explain Why

    "Beyoncé HOMECOMING reminded me that we have to create home for ourselves. Even in the whitest of spaces. Create home."

    It's been exactly one year and three days since Beyoncé became the first Black woman to headline Coachella, blessing us all with the performance of a lifetime.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that the world literally stopped spinning to bear witness to this unprecedented display of flawless artistry and unadulterated blackness.

    But very little was known about how it all came to be...until today, when Netflix dropped "Homecoming," an intimate documentary that basically highlights every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that went into this historic production.


    While the doc covered a lot of ground, ranging from a closer look at the cultural icon's unrivaled work ethic to the complications she faced while delivering her twins, one thing remained crystal clear: "Homecoming" is Beyoncé's love letter to black people.


    Here are 17 tweets that perfectly sum up why:


    Beyonce HOMECOMING reminded me that we have to create home for ourselves. Even in the whitest of spaces. Create home. Even if it's just the head nod when you are the only two Black people in the room of white folk. Create home where you are. We are the culture.


    Beyonce reminds you every single time that being Black, we possess everything that people aspire to. It’s in us and can’t NOBODY do it like us. NOBODY!


    Look at how Beyoncé is affirming Black existence, Black art, Black artists, Blackness. I feel so affirmed and seen by juxtaposition of Blackness and art. We’re potters and we’re the pottery. #BeyoncéHomecoming


    It’s so amazing to see how Beyoncé makes black women feel. #Homecoming


    Beyoncé paying homage to Maya Angelou just ran all over me today. The greatest entertainer in the world puts on for the Black women who came before her, those watching her, and those that will come after her—period.


    wow. how blessed are we to witness and experience beyonce? a black woman who shares her god-given gifts and entire being to uplifting black culture, and with unwavering excellence mind you. how powerful and amazing. im just... ... ready to weep again watching #beyoncehomecoming


    as much of a mess as this shit can be, being black in the time of beyonce is just a gift ok !!!!!!!! receive it !!!!!!!!!



    My. God. Women are out of this world. Black People are MAGIC. And Beyoncé is THAT BITCH. I’m speechless. #BeyonceHomecoming


    Beyoncé really got every Black person on my tl saying they love being Black 🥰 #BeyonceHomeComing


    I want to love anything as much as Beyoncé loves black people.


    Anyone who says Beyoncé is overrated has an underlying issue with Black people, women, or Black women in particular. It's really that simple. If she isn't your TASTE -- that's fine. But Beyoncé is the best entertainer in the industry. Period.


    beyonce is the greatest of all time. she’s makes me proud to be a black woman. a creative. a servant leader. a visionary. a texan. 😩


    Beyoncé took her influence & popularity & used it to showcase the artistry of black American culture & the beauty of black education. This is why your faves could literally never.


    It’s been a long weird day so I’m treating myself to some (may end up being all!!) of Homecoming. And I am SO moved by the camera seeking out black audience members in the very white Coachella crowds those nights, centering this film and Beyoncé’s art on those it is for and of


    Me and all my black workers heading into the all staff meeting today after watching Beyoncé’s #Homecoming


    Thank you for all of this Blackness, @Beyonce ✊🏽 #BeyonceHomecoming Being from the South, from Houston, being Black, the marching band, the culture, the Wiz, the Htown, majorettes, N.O.L.A. feel, all the homages & pride. Maaaayne ain’t enough words to describe. Iconic. ✊🏽🤘🏽



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