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    Model Ashley Graham Just Said A Word About Tokenism And Diversity, So Forward This To Your HR Rep ASAP

    "Stop talking about hiring [diverse candidates] and just do it."

    Here we have Ashley Graham on the cover of this month's Allure looking all kinds of fabulous.

    As one of the few curvy top models who's landed mainstream magazine covers and major deals, Ashley's never been afraid to speak out about the importance of representation and diversity in the fashion and beauty space.

    And in her latest interview with Allure, she stressed an important point about tokenism.

    "I have never looked at tokenism as a bad thing, as long as the brand, the client — whoever has the mission — continues to branch out and say, 'This was our first time; next time we're going to add more of the race, the gender, the sexuality, the religion, the disability,' whatever it is," Ashley said.

    The model, activist, TV host, and entrepreneur added that true representation isn't achieved through external efforts alone, like marketing and branding, but through internal, structural changes. "Stop talking about hiring [diverse candidates] and just do it," Ashley insisted.

    And that's that on THAT. Couldn't have said it better myself, Ashley!!!

    Check out the full interview here.