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    Ari Lennox Told Her Anti-LGBTQ Fans To Unfollow Her In An Epic Twitter Thread

    "All you delusional and fake-religious/self-righteous weirdos unfollow and unsubscribe."

    This is singer Ari Lennox, best known for her angelic vocals and her relatable tweets about tough topics, like racial profiling, mental health, and relationships.

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    More recently, Ari decided to call out people who are prejudiced against the LGBTQ community in a now-viral Twitter thread.

    I hate homophobic and transphobic people so much.

    "Please if you don’t support [the] LGBTQ community, you don’t support me," she wrote. "You don’t support my family and the people I love. So all you delusional and fake-religious/self-righteous weirdos unfollow and unsubscribe."

    "Like, simply fuck you," the "BMO" singer continued. "To be gay is beautiful. It is natural. One doesn’t have to experience trauma to be gay. Yes, I believe people are born that way. "

    Ari even called out some of her own family members for not attending her sister's wedding "because she married a woman."

    I have family members that didn’t show up to my own sister’s wedding because she married a woman. You can’t support your own flesh and blood because of years of unhealthy conditioning from religion and media. People really live their short lives in a mental prison.

    "People be so trapped in this mental prison and don’t even see they’re living a lie," she wrote. "Following rules that are made man. People were gay from the beginning of time and will be long after we are gone."

    The fans who related to Ari's thread thanked the singer for using her platform to speak out, insisting that these tweets only fueled their stanning even more.

    @AriLennox @LookAtDustin I have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FURTHER REASON....not to STAN!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


    @AriLennox You really putting on for the set sis🥰

    We're not sure exactly what prompted Ari's tweets, but the simple fact that LGBTQ people continue to receive such inhumane treatment in 2019 is reason enough.

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