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Actress Aidy Bryant Said She Had To Co-Write Her Show "Shrill" After Getting Offered Ridiculously Offensive Roles

"I remember being like, 'Oh, they think that this is a fun thing for me, and it’s so insulting.'"

This is comedian and actress Aidy Bryant of SNL and Shrill fame. If your ass is no where to be found, it's prolly cuz she made you laugh it off.

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Her Sarah Huckabee Sanders impression is so damn good that Sarah herself probably secretly likes it.

Considering all the talent, charm, and popularity that Aidy obviously possesses, you'd think she'd be drowning in awesome role offers, right? Wrong. The TV star recently told Adweek that the offers were so mediocre that she just resorted to co-creating, co-writing, and co-executive producing Shrill.

"There was one where — and I don’t think it has ever seen the light of day — a man was in prison and the other guys in prison were like, 'You’ve got to get an ugly girl to be your prison wife and she’ll come and bring you food and have sex with you!'" she told the magazine. "And then they were like, 'And that would be you.'"

"I remember being like, 'Oh, they think that this is a fun thing for me, and it’s so insulting,'" she continued. "Those were some of the moments where I was like, 'Is this what it is in Hollywood? I think I might have to write for myself...'"

And even when the roles weren't as cringey, Aidy knew that because of her body type her role would likely be considered "the fat one" and subsequently pigeonholed. "If that role is that she can never find a boyfriend, that becomes a fat woman that can never find a boyfriend," the star explained.

Ever since making her mark as one of SNL's breakout stars, Aidy's been an outspoken advocate for fat (a word she'd like to reclaim) women in Hollywood and beyond. She even has plans to launch an inclusive clothing line after years of being neglected by many industry stylists and designers and most fashion retail companies.

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"Those were the first times where I was like, 'Something is different here and this isn’t fair,'" she told The Cut in 2018. "This is a fucked-up situation, and it’s purely because of my body." You know what else is fucked-up? Most of Aidy's outfits on Shrill, including the gorgeous sequin minidress, had to be made from scratch!


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