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17 Simple But Life-Changing Hair Tips And Hacks Every Curly-Haired Person Should Know

"Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you take out your braids or bantu knots."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the best hair tips and hacks that every naturalista should know. Here are some of their helpful responses.

1. "Know your hair type! Not just your curl pattern, but your porosity, density, and thickness."

2. "When your hair starts to reject your usual products, that’s typically a sign of product buildup. So don't forget to do clarifying washes."

3. "Wash upwards and outwards to avoid knots."

4. "I use my Denman brush for detangling during washday because there's less breakage and very little shedding. "

5. "Wash your hair in twists. It's easier to manage and is already detangled."

6. "If you're taking out a protective style and discover buildup, spray an apple cider vinegar-water mixture (mostly water) onto the area to loosen it up and prevent breakage."

7. "I love microfiber towels because, unlike the average towel, they don't cause frizz and breakage and they absorb more water, which means a shorter diffuse/blow dry time."

8. "Invest in a steamer for daily styling or deep conditioning treatments, especially if you have low-porosity hair!"

9. "I do hot oil treatments every two weeks during the winter months and it's been great for my hair."

10. "I get my natural hair trimmed every four to five months. I've seen so much growth as a result."

11. "When doing twist-outs, place a small metal clip (the ones you use to secure pin curls) at the root of each twisted section. It shortens drying time and adds lift."

12. "Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you take out your braids or bantu knots."

13. "If your twist-out is starting to look a little old, but you're not ready to re-do it, just re-do the edges. It'll look like a fresh twist-out without all the work."

14. "If your hairstyle hurts or you notice little bumps on your hairline, it's probably too tight! Avoid this if you want to save your edges."

15. "Wearing a wig cap under your headwrap will protect your hair from the drying cotton material."

16. "Two words: Satin. Bonnet."

17. "Scarves always walked off my head when I slept. With a silk pillowcase, my hair is protected no matter how much I toss and turn."