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    17 Big Chop Transformations That Prove Long Hair Isn't The Only Way

    "Best decision I've ever made!!!"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us before-and-after pics of their big chop and to tell us why they did it. Here are the inspirational results.

    1. This person who's had locs since she was a baby.

    2. This person who did it for her mental health.

    3. This person who buzzed her fro and never looked back.

    4. And this person who's about that buzz life too.

    5. This bold AF person who made the chop to reflect her true identity.

    6. This person who wasn't here for the long wash days.

    7. This person who'd been wanting to shave her head for a minute.

    8. This person who joined #teamtaperedcut...

    9. ...And this person too.

    10. This person with an inspiring journey of self-discovery.

    11. This hero who did her own damn shape-up (with some help from YouTube).

    12. This person who had an indescribable, "transformative" experience.

    13. This person who came to love herself, flaws and all.

    14. This woman who had to remind her hubby that this was about HER, not him.

    15. This person who decided to "stop letting external standards of beauty define" her.

    16. This person whose smile says it all.

    17. And this person who wanted to let the photos speak for themselves.

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