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Naturalistas, We Want To See Your Big Chop Pics

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

Every big chop has a story. What's yours?

Naturalmedeon / YouTube / Via

Did ya decide to finally chuck the deuces to those heat- and color-damaged inches, like Chrissy here?

Chrissy Cousin / YouTube / Via

"Why should I take care of long, damaged hair that's not getting anywhere, when I can just start over?" - Chrissy Cousin.

Or were you on the same wave as Kendal, who just wanted a fresh cut for a new start?

@kendalsturner / Via

"It's a new day. A new me. I'm letting go of all unhealthy attachments. No more anger. No more fear. No more bitterness. Just love and light and loving me!" - @kendalsturner

It's also possible you've got more in common with Erica, who was proudly #TeamRelaxer until an unexpected diagnosis inspired her to go natural.

@glammzmore / Via Instagram: @glammzmore

"I still suffer from pretty much all of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism. One being hair loss or thinning, brittle hair. Since my thyroid will eventually stop functioning and Hypothyroidism is something that I will have to deal with for life, I decided to stop relaxing, as the process in itself can make the hair dry, brittle, and thin...With my body working against my hair, I felt that it would be best to just avoid the chemicals for optimal hair health." - Glammzmore

Or maybe your long hair was perfectly healthy, like Afiya's, but you still buzzed it all off and donated it cuz you've always wanted to rock a short 'do.

Ayifa's Mane / YouTube / Via

"I love my long hair, but a change was well overdue. And taking care of my long, thick hair was very time-consuming. I needed a break from it all! When I told my mom about my plans to shave my hair, she suggested that I donate it. I thought it was a great idea!" - Afiya's Mane

We wanna know and see how ya did it, whether you snipped yourself a lil' TWA at home...

Timaloveslemons / YouTube / Via

TWA = teeny, weeny afro.

...Had moms come through with the assist...

LoveFromLiyax / YouTube / Via

...Or worked up the courage to go big (and bald) in the kitchen.

Queen Syl / YouTube / Via

We wanna know it ALL!!!

AmberNevaeh / YouTube / Via

So submit your best big chop pic in the dropbox below and tell us: Why exactly did you big chop, and how'd you do it?

Roynerah Blaes / YouTube / Via

The best photos and most detailed stories will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video. So, show us what ya got!!!

Make sure your photo is clear, has good lighting and really shows off your fierce cut!