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    Did Drake Just Try To Kiss LeBron James?

    LeBron: "Drake, this a place for families."

    The Cleveland Cavaliers finished off the Toronto Raptors, 113-87 in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals Friday night, advancing the Cavs to their second straight NBA Finals.

    Frank Gunn / AP

    After the game, LeBron James headed to the locker room and was greeted by none other than Raptors team ambassador Drake, who embraced the NBA star in an encounter captured on live TV:

    After watching the embrace people seemed to think Drake was going in for a kiss when LeBron pulled away.

    LeBron stopped in the tunnel to give Drake a kiss.

    I see you Drake getting all emotional trying to kiss Lebron on the cheek

    Thought drake was going in for the kiss when he saw lebron

    I saw Drake go in for the kiss and LeBron moved out of the way. Sorry homie lol

    Here's another angle of the moment:
    1. What do you think? Did Drake try to kiss LeBron?

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    What do you think? Did Drake try to kiss LeBron?
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      Who cares?

    Guess we'll never know for sure.