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The Many Faces Of Cher Horowitz In Clueless

The sweet, blonde Californian captured our hearts in the 90s cult classic Clueless . So in dedication to this wonderful female here's the many faces of Cher in the movie, we're all guilty of making at least one of these facial expressions.

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1. I totally just winged that speech

2. When everybody starts ganging up on you in the group chat

3. When you thought you failed the exam but only just pass

4. When you're trying to beat your high score on Candy Crush

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5. Go best friend, that's my best friend

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6. Who needs a man when you have a matching plaid outfit

7. When someone turns up at the party uninvited

8. When you leave your phone at home

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9. When you only just park in the lines

10. You tell 'em Cher

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11. People just don't get that you're a strong, independent don't need no man

12. When the teacher puts you on the spot in class

13. When a guy asks if you're on your period

14. I still passed my driving test...right?

15. When you're trying to look good for bae in class

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16. When you have to choose partners in class but your BFF chooses someone else

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17. We know how you feel Cher :(((

18. 'You can't sit with us'

19. When your selfie only gets 12 likes

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20. 'You watched an entire Netflix season in a day?'

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