20 April Ludgate GIFs That Describe Your Disdain For Winter

I don’t want to do things. I want to not do things.

1. When forecasters overestimated the amount of snow.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

2. When forecasters underestimated the amount of snow.

3. When it snowed two feet.

NBC / Via blogger.com

4. When it snowed another two feet.

5. When you lost track of how many feet it snowed.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

6. When all public transportation shut down.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

7. When you had to excavate your car from an ice block.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

8. When you were stuck inside for 24 hours.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

9. When you were stuck inside for 72 hours.

NBC / Via Tumblr

10. When “cabin fever” set in during hour one.

11. When it started snowing sideways.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

12. When you found a way to cope.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

13. When you could not stand the sight of your roommates.

14. When wine was your only ally.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

15. When your parents suggested you go outside.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

16. When your west coast friends posted pictures of their beautiful, sunny lives.

17. When someone tried to comfort you.

18. When all you wanted to do was hibernate.

NBC / Via gifwave.com

19. When you could not hibernate for ANOTHER SECOND.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

20. And when you lost all will to live.

NBC / Via wordpress.com

We’ll make it through.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

Or not and the snow will suffocate us and we’ll all die.

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