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    27 Best-Selling Things From Amazon That Are Worth Your Money

    Shopping can feel like swimming in a sea of choices, but we're here to help sort through the mess to find the products that are actually worth spending your money on.

    Hey there! Did you know that Amazon's app has exclusive features that lets you scan barcodes to check prices IRL, use your phone’s camera to search for items with a ~single tap~, track orders in real time, and more? Download it here for free and receive $5 off your first in-app purchase.

    In case you didn’t know, Amazon has a section featuring products that people are ~loving most~, aka their best sellers. Here are some of the coolest and most useful things that are worth checking out:

    1. A Yeti stainless steel tumbler that'll keep your hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder — and they look great, too! If you haven’t experienced a this wildly popular tumbler brand yet, then consider this your sign.

    Navy blue Yeti mug held by a hand

    2. An Echo Dot, because Amazon Alexa is the gold standard for smart speakers and this one is so stylish, you'll want to put one in every room.

    Amazon's Echo Dot sitting on a table next to three succulents

    3. A multi-purpose immersion blender for having a daily staple if you are a fan of soups, smoothies, or anything made with a whisk. And this one even comes with a milk frother!

    Reviewer making soup with the immersion blender

    4. A tie-dye kit for getting yourself into the summer spirit. Don't stop at just T-shirts — try tie-dyeing some socks or towels, and fill your life with color.

    Two rows of tie-dyed t-shirts hung along laundry lines outside

    5. A Hatch baby rest sound machine that'll work great for babies and adults with its soothing light and programmable options.

    Rope shelf with picture of a white couple and a glowing light

    6. A cleaning gel so you can get in all those hard-to-reach places for a thorough spring cleaning of your car, your keyboard, or really anything where the dust wants to settle.

    Person cleaning their keyboard with the slime-like cleaner

    7. A deceptively simple game of Sushi Go, because this is a great party game of all ages. With adorable illustrations and easy game-play, it is a perfect crowd-pleaser.

    Game of Sushi Go spread out on a white background

    8. A mini wifi outlet smart plugs for upgrading your whole house. They are voice-controlled and can connect to your Alexa or Google Home so you can sync up all your lights and devices from your phone.

    Reviewer holding the smart plug

    9. A set of satin pillow covers that are an amazing option for those on a tighter budget than the traditional silk. These are great for protecting your hair and keeping your skin fresh.

    10. A gel-enhanced seat cushion so you can support your tailbone and get even more work done. With even more time spent working from home, this cushion will prevent your chair from taking a toll on the tuchas.

    Black pad on a wooden chair

    11. A Fire 7 kids' tablet with a kid-proof case for keeping your kids busy without the fear of them breaking an expensive device. With a built-in stand and a two-year worry-free guarantee, this tablet is sure to keep your kids entertained with plenty of kid-focused content including one free year of Amazon Kids+.

    Reviewer holding the tablet in pink

    12. A selfie ring light with a 50" extendable tripod stand, because this is a must with our entire lives lived through the video camera these days. Put your best face forward in every Zoom call with the right lighting.

    13. An Igloo electric countertop ice maker that is a must have for all those tasty cold beverages that pair so well with a warm day.

    Reviewer's picture of the ice cube machine making nugget-shaped ice

    14. A classic game of Guess Who? — the very one that's been blowing up on TikTok. Add some spice to the game with fun questions like "does your person like Starbucks Frappuccinos?" instead of the boring ones about hair color.

    Advertising image for Hasbro Game Guess Who? with a number of cartoon faces.

    15. An adorable mini portable microphone you may know as the tool featured in some of the cutest pet TikToks. Easily plug into your phone or computer to record whatever audio you need.

    The mini microphone

    16. A set of nine dimmable grow lights to easily clip onto the shelf and bend into shape, allowing you to treat your plant babies as they deserve. With these lights, your plants can grow wherever you want.

    Several orchids sitting on a table with several grow lights

    17. A hands casting mold that'll make the perfect couple's keepsake. Grab hands with your loved one and cherish that moment forever.

    A white plaster mold of two clasping hands.

    18. A Stasher silicone reusable storage bag that has completely changed my cooking life. They are simple to clean and reseal, and they make disposable bags a thing of the past.

    Reviewer storing pretzels in the silicone bag

    19. A Sonkir soil pH meter for great for indoor and outdoor plants. It measures both sun and acidity with no batteries needed, making sure your plants are getting everything they need.

    Plant with a soil meter device placed in the dirt.

    20. A Dash mini waffle maker so you can treat yourself to some adorable mini waffles. What's not to like? It even comes in a variety of colors so you can find the perfect one to match your style.

    A tiny stack of waffles sit on a floral plate. A small black waffle maker sits open just behind the plate.

    21. A security camera that has custom controls and a variety of ways to mount it so you can keep an eye on what's important to you.

    A fisheye lense on a driveway with three cars on a culdesac

    22. A travel sewing kit, because this will be your best friend in emergencies and this one perfectly fits the bill. It even comes with a thimble, measuring tape, and a simple travel case.

    Open black sewing kit with a variety of colors of thread, scissors, and other sewing supplies.

    23. An irreverent game called Exploding Kittens you need if you want something fun but is still appropriate for the whole family to play. You'll love this fast-paced card game with great silly illustrations.

    Five Exploding Kittens cards laid out including a TacoCat card, a CatterMelon card, and a Rainbow-Ralphing Cat.

    24. A utensil organizer that'll help you Marie Kando your kitchen drawers. It is a real space-saver.

    Reviewer's picture of the cutlery organizer

    25. An Instant Pot, because this will change your life. Or at least your cooking. They hype is real. The mini version is perfect for smaller meals, especially yogurt.

    Two instant pots, one bigger and one smaller, sit on an iron table.

    26. A rug gripper so you can keep your rugs from sliding all over the floor. Keep that rug looking tight!

    A floral rug sits on a hardwood floor. There is a white lab in the background.

    27. A cute T-shirt dress, because this is just what you need for the summer sun. It is both flowy and cozy. What more would you want?

    Reviewer wearing the white and yellow sundress with sunflower pattern

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