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  • Flowers Are The Beloved Subjects Of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

    The painter combined human with rose’s petals, and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema painting skills are extremely created in order to arouse the grand visual effects. The tyrant in the painting is loudly dressed, actually, his image is not imaginary. According to the portrait of Heliogabalus in museum, he created this painting. This magnificence and death, roses and bloody subject reflects the corruption of Rome, in the meantime, it implies the luxurious indulgence of Victorian society. The whole picture was described gorgeously by the painter. However, in contrast, the reality was rather cruel. The painter didn’t describe the ugly world directly, instead he expressed it by the composition and colors. In the face of this grand painting reproduction, what attracts people seems to be the cozy petals. The whole picture was glutted with romantic pink, especially the shock feeling. In a way, we can sense the constrained force gradually. In later posts, we will talk about Henri Matisse reproduction.

  • Warm Colors In Velázquez Paintings

    This baroque painting reproduction is structured basing on a vertical axis, on the right side, there is the water seller wearing robe and a large crock in front view, on the left side , there is a little boy holding a cup, and his face turning from the dark side to the bright side. The contact between the two figures is the two hands touching on the cup, which adds dynamic and sense of depth to the picture. Velázquez particularly emphasize on the water seller’s face through the lines, facial expressions, wrinkles and neck skin folds, to highlight all the features of this face. He spent a lot of time painting the glass carefully, hence the reflection of the glass and the boy’s dark dressed forms a strong contrast. Velázquez uses warm colors in the painting as usual: brown background, two ocher yellow jars, as well as the brick-red robe which to outline the water seller’s sturdy body, all successfully highlight the theme of the painting. In later posts, we will talk about Claude Monet paintings.

  • Rembrandt: Dutch Painter And Etcher Of Baroque Era

    The Blinding of Samson was created in 1636 by Rembrandt van Rijn, the Dutch painter and etcher of Baroque Era. It was compared to Lady Macbeth written by Shakespeare by the critics because of the exquisite and complex expressions of the characteristics. Samson is the 75th generation Judge of Israel from the Old Testament paintings online. He is the son of Manoh. Samson was taken care by Jehovah when he grew up and became a herculean warrior. He used to kill lions on the road, baffle others with riddles and make the Philistine invaders loss their bearings and annoyed by burning enemies’ crops with the torch tied up on the fox’s tail. Later, the enemies knew that Samson married Delilah, a Philistine prostitute. So, they bribed Delilah for 1,100 shekel to ask her to tell them about Samson’s secret of being herculean in order to kill the Israel national hero. In later posts, we will talk about Fernando Botero paintings.

  • The Two Basic Languages Of Painting For Expression.

    Shape and color are the two basic languages of painting for expression. In fact, oil painting is a combination of the graphic arts and color art. How to understand and present colors important position in oil painting? It is clear that it is quite different from Chinese traditional painting. Because color ink Chinese painting is just coming from modern art sale. However, frescoes in Sui and Tang Dynasties are colorful. I feel quite confused that Chinese painting should be adopted with colors from that time, but it does not. The reason for the above phenomena may be that ancient Chinese painting is always circling around the poets, literal men, and bureaucrats. In later posts, let’s talk about Ivan Aivazovsky paintings sale.

  • Short Story About Vincent Van Gogh

    “I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.” This confession tells the short life of Van Gogh. He lived a miserable life, because he is sensitive and emotional. And being a painter only adds his suffering and loneliness. Although he possesses artistic vision and talent, his paintings reproduction were not appreciated but severely criticized at that time. And he killed himself at 37. In later posts, let’s talk about Edgar Degas paintings.

  • Commission Proposed By Atalanta Baglioni

    To some extent, this famous painting reproductions was composed of 2 pieces of rough sketch, say, carrying away the body of Jesus for the left part and the fainting Virgin for the right part. The right part was added since Atalanta asked Raphael to show her deep grief over the lost son. The magic here is that Raphael painted the guy on the right side leaning to the opposite direction, who carrying Jesus was supposed to tilt to the left, so that readers cannot see structural disharmony painting reproductions china between two sketches but a total complete and wonderful masterpiece. There is no doubt that Raphael paintings, with Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino as his full name, is an enormously productive Italian painter.

  • Realistic Style Of Figure Body By Balthus

    In such situation, they seemed to do nothing. Starting from 50s of the last century, Balthus’s indoor famous painting reproductions were gradually bright. In the painting of The Room, the curtain was pushed to the side of the wall and the light reached a naked girl stretching her waist through the glass window. Balthus was a magician who described the light and was good at creating an atmosphere with different lights, letting the spectators along the light into the attractive room painting reproductions china. He described the girl always in stillness and movement, with the sleeping and waking state and putting a special position. Some stretched their arms and legs and some thoughts thronged one’s mind in a floating state. The girl’s expressions in his later works were relaxed, cheerful and bright, which completely changed the past deep and serious images as if thinking of something. As the Holland painter Vermeer, Balthus paintings sale opened the door into the female’s inner world for us.

  • Paintings With Enthusiasm By Alfred Sisley

    In 1874, Sisley created the famous Under the Bridge at Hampton Court in Britain. This painting reproductions marked that the painter’s unique art style had matured. The sky, trees and water were portrayed so freely that it reached the degree of perfection. With the vivid strokes thin coating, collocated techniques and strong and rich colors, the painter shaped the distinctive artistic image. The sky was painted very broadly. The scene formed by the vigorous river, the vital trees paintings online China, the floating clouds, the trembling leaves and the flashing water was like a joyful dance. The work reflected that the painter paid attention to “form, color, painting effect” in landscape paintings to give the vitality of works. We were able to feel that the lyric characteristics of Sisley in creation were no longer delicate and elegant, but the fresh and clear glow and free energy.

  • Attractive Ordinary Landscape By Claude Monet

    The painting reproductions depicted the scene of sunrise through the mist over Le Havre harbor. Direct painting strokes traced out the unclear background in morning fog, variety of colors made the surface infinite brightness, but the boats on the water was faintly visible. All of these detailed painted get a true picture of what the lights and colors gave to the artist’s visual impression when the sun rose in the port city. The river, mist, the boats hidden in the fog, and the rising red sun in the distance, even the inverted image of red sun on the river, were all vivid and natural in the color and atmosphere, which offered us a sense of reality paintings online China. What Monet portrayed in Impression Sunrise is the scene that water rise and fall and light changes as the poem described.

  • Matisse Showed A Sharper Edge And Brighter Colors Than His Previous Versions.

    As the Fauvism portrait icon, compared with the first version of the sell paintings online, The Young Sailor Ⅱ was simpler and more distorted. Contrary to the first version, the colors of the second version were more mixed, vivid and twisted. This drawing was more concise, which consisted of fewer lines. In the Matisse painting, the young man had a soft body and his legs lazily crossed very openly, with his head slightly raised. He had a straight nose and lips full of vitality. The graph was logically so condensed that it quite fascinated people. Recent studies showed that the painting was the prototype of a 18-year-old fisherman named Germain Augustin Barthelemy Montarges. In general, between the plane surface with bold colors and the simplified boy, the young sailor seemed to be the naivete expression of the first version.

  • Landscape By The Impressionist Painter Alfred Sisley

    From 1872 to 1878 was Alfred Sisley creative peak although his life started to become poor due to his father’s death. His achievements in colors during this time was prominent, rich, strong, gorgeous and without losing stability at the same time. “Flood at Port-Marly” and “Boat in the flood” were created in the same year, through this we can see that, he was attracted to the Marley flood. This theme allowed him to play his color expertise to represent the glittering water surface. We can not see tumults on the screen, there are only stable and calm atmosphere. Sisley did not report the situations of the flood, but combined his personal feelings with the gray sky and the broad water surface instead and represented these feelings elegantly. These are also his proposals, the plots and themes should be represented simply and easily to be understood and make the audiences grasp easily. Deleting the extra details enables the viewers think over following the directions of the artist and let them discover the fascinate things the painter yearned for. For more please visit

  • Representative Work Of Titian About Greek Mythology

    This Titan painting is with strong and intense topicality, the beauty of Venice in the oil painting was holding a bunch of flowers. The whole image was like the blossoming flowers, which makes people couldn’t help admiring. It was said that the beauty in the picture was the lover of the painter. He just borrowed the name of Flora to express his admiration for his sweetheart. The beauty turned to look down, dedicated and contemplative. It seemed that because of the turning action, her loose underwear fell naturally. The plump breasts appeared, the golden hair sprinkled on the round shoulders, in sharp contrast to the full life body. The robust body revealed the youth vigor. The entire oil painting gives audiences a sense of elegant and solemn.

  • Millais One Of The Founders Of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

    This painting depicts in a spring day, a family, maybe friends, getting together to have a picnic in an apple trees garden. John Everett Millais concentrated on every details of this painting with very bright watercolors. Under his painting, his apple trees are very clear and fresh green with many white apple buds which shows a vivid and vital landscape painting to viewers. The painting also shows 8 girls in this painting, the black-red dressing girl flips back her hair; the black dressing girl standing and pouring tea to the light-green dressing girl who stretches out her hand to take cup, the dark-green dressing girl who wears some apple flowers carrying a teapot, the two small girls are watching towards left just like thinking or listening carefully in this oil painting reproductions, the other green-black dressing girl who holds a teacup and look upon to the yellow dressing girl who lying down on the grass.

  • The Farmer Working In Millet Painting

    Some people ridiculed Jean Francois Millet paintings implied the revolutionary violence of peasants. Facing various radical evaluations, Millet defended his art in a letter. Some people said Millet denied the beautiful scenery in the countryside. But for him, he found a more magnificent thing, the everlasting beauty. Seeing those small flowers the Christ had talked about in this realism painting, what he dressed in his glory stage was inferior to a lily flower in the mountain forest. Millet believed that, art was a mission of love, not hate. When he showed the suffering of the poor, he was not intended to show the hatred for the rich. What he did was just to try to find out how to use the ordinary small things to perform noble mind, because that was the real power. For more please visit www.artisoo,com

  • British Romantic Landscape Painter Turner

    In 1830s, Britain was experiencing the industrial revolution. Thus Turner paintings sale often added the industrial factors in his paintings and the machines triggering changes, which seemed ugly and indecent for other people. In 1831, when publishers launched to promote new Scott works, they insisted on inviting Turner to join and even said, “With Mr. Turner’s illustrations, I can guarantee the poem will be sold more than 8000 paintings reproductions, otherwise even 3000 copies are hardly sold out.” This year, the British novelist and poet Walter Scott had to compromise and once again invited Turner to his home, but Turner was painting on the west coast of romantic Isle of Staffa. For more please visit

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