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    Mario Is Coming Back To Your Phone Today

    Did you know Mario isn't just a plumber? He’s also been a doctor since 1990!

    Guess what?! Nintendo is bringing one of their best games, Dr. Mario, right to your phone. It’s BRAND NEW and you can download it RIGHT NOW on your iPhone or Android phone.

    Our beloved plumber Mario is on a quest to destroy evil viruses. He's got help too! You'll also find his trusty friend Toad, his brother Luigi, his arch nemesis Bowser, and of course Princess Peach.

    You won't find traditional Mario enemies like Goombas. Instead you'll have to squash these adorable little trouble makers.

    This isn't your classic Mario platformer either, you have to solve Tetris-style puzzles to save the day.

    There may be tons of other puzzle matching games out there, but they don’t have a beloved cast of Nintendo icons.

    Listen, we’ve all been waiting for Nintendo to take over our phones. I’m so here for it. You can download it earlier than expected for iPhone or Android.


    This post has been updated to reflect that the game is now also available on Android earlier than expected.