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    The 14 Best Lawyer Ads In The History Of Television

    Some real, some fictional, the verdict is in.

    1. Better Call Saul - The Original

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    Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. He is the greatest. This was the original commercial first seen in Season 2 of Breaking Bad.

    2. Thanks Dan - Daniel Muessig

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    Dan is a real criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh. He may have a law degree, says Dan, but he thinks like a criminal. Which is awesome.

    3. Jamie Casino's 2 Minute Super Bowl Commercial

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    Jamie Casino, a real personal injury attorney based in Savannah, GA premiered this epic ad during the 2014 Superbowl. If you like your lawyers with flaming sledgehammers and a death metal soundtrack, then he is your man.

    4. Bob Loblaw - You don't need double talk

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    "Why should you go to jail for a crime someone else noticed?" asks Bob Loblaw who was hired by the Bluth family in the third season of Arrested Development. He also has a blog. Of course that would be Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.

    5. Adam Reposa - Lawyer, Patriot, Champion

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    Adam Reposa is a criminal defense attorney in Austin, Texas. Whatever you do, don't get in his way.

    6. Pete Reid Law - I'm The One For You

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    Another real attorney from Austin. Can your lawyer toss a caber, beat three people at chess, save a dude from drowning and kick an incredible soccer goal? Didn't think so.

    7. Jeff Winger - Hero at Law

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    From Community, Joel McHale as Jeff Winger. Are you a good person being sued, oppressed, or beaten by a robot? He can help.

    8. MAQS Justice - The Swedish Superhero Law Firm

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    The thing about lawyer ads is that the lawyers are legally required to be in them. So while this Scandinavian law firm commercial looks pretty slick, it still has to have Bjorn from corporate playing the bad guy.

    9. Bryan Wilson - Texas Law Hawk

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    ANOTHER Texas lawyer. He can't break a tree branch in two but new kid on the block Bryan Wilson explodes onto the scene as the unforgettable Law Hawk.

    10. Wade Blasingame - Over 2000 Dogs Sued / Via

    From SNL around 2000, Will Ferrell as Wade Blasingame. He believes that dogs don't deserve special treatment. And that they have to play by the same rules that we do. He makes a good point.

    11. Trolman Glaser - Keep in mind, you need to be injured

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    NYC personal injury firm. Unlike some law firms, they prefer clients to have actually been injured.

    12. Malik Law Chambers - The Bollywood Commercial

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    This London based immigration law firm knows their audience.

    13. Scott Hoy - Will you please stop?

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    Ok I now realize that 14 was a bit ambitious. We are now in the realms of so bad it's good. Here, Sioux Falls, SD Personal Injury Lawyer Scott Hoy makes a confusing, yet endearing commercial. Can we just see another Better Call Saul commercial please?

    14. Saul Says: "Sue 'Em Now"

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    Thank you. Saul lets us know the answer to the question on everyone's lips: "Who can I sue?" From a 2012 webisode. Saul wins. What did I miss?