18 Things You Did Online Ten Years Ago

Can’t remember what you used to do online before Twitter? Let us break it down for you. Ugh, 2003 was a decade ago.

1. First thing’s first - turn on and dial up.

It was never that quick. Especially if your annoying sister was on the phone.

2. Your weapon of choice was undoubtedly Internet Explorer.

Unless you were one of those weird Netscape types.

3. The first thing you checked? Your Friendster account.

Facebook wouldn’t be around until the year after.

4. Or perhaps you joined up to this new ‘Myspace’ thing.

5. You learnt that things could be FAIL.

7. Flash games were the pinnacle of procrastination.

Miniclip pool, YES.

8. Second Life was an option for those with serious time to kill.

Virtual sitting, anyone?

9. Searching for something didn’t necessarily mean googling it.

10. Though if you were using Google, this is what you searched for.

According to Google Zeitgeist, Britney was the most popular search term in 2003.

11. Apart from here in the UK, where some posh bloke was apparently more interesting.

That’s right, Prince Charles was the the most popular search term in the UK that year - probably because of the scandal surrounding him at the time.

12. If you were really bored, you could always go to 4chan, created that year.

That’s moot, 4chan’s founder.

13. Or link your friends to shock sites.

If you don’t know what this means, don’t look into it.

14. You discovered that there were ‘other ways’ of procuring music.

15. You rated people on Hot or Not.

16. You laughed at the Star Wars Kid.

Although you know that given a long pole and an empty room, you’d do the exact same thing.

17. And badger badger badger.

18. Even if they took forever to load.

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