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    15 Insane Products You'd Never Be Allowed To Buy Nowadays

    These goods from yesteryear are either too lethal or useless to be sold today. But they're also just plain weird.

    1. Poisonous cigarettes (to cure asthma).

    2. Opium-laced booze elixir.

    3. Cough medicine made out of heroin.

    4. Morphine injection kit from Harrods.

    5. A corset, surging with electricity.

    6. Do-it-yourself double chin remover.

    7. A machine gun, for kids.

    8. Perversion glasses.

    9. Radioactive face cream.

    10. Radioactive toothpaste.

    11. Radioactive water.

    12. Radioactive chocolate.

    13. An electronic, vibrating finger. For oral use.

    14. Kidnapping-simulation tool.

    15. Jeans designed for roundhouse kicks.