“Arrested Development” Fan Art You Can Own

The release of the new episodes of Arrested Development are only a few days away, and it looks like the makers of Etsy are as excited about it as everyone else!

1. World’s Best Analrapist Mug

2. Chicken Dance Print

3. Frozen Banana Stand Action Set

4. Bluth Family Nesting Dolls

5. Bluth Family Poster Set

6. Lucille Bluth Portrait

7. Lucille Bluth magnet set

8. Gob Nouveau Print

9. I’ve Made a Huge Mistake Cross stitch

10. Loose Seal Onesie

11. GOB Bluth & Franklin Wooden Peg

12. Steve Holt Cross stitch

13. Never Nude necklace

14. I Just Blue Myself Patch

15. A Trick Is Something A Whore Does For Money… Or Candy! Cross Stitch

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