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22 Personalized Gifts You Should Order Soon

Giving a personalized gift is a wonderful thing to do, but no matter if it’s a custom portrait or a simple monogram, personalized takes time! So order now and make sure you’ll have it under the tree in time!

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1. Personalized Paper Dolls


2. Personalized Puppet


3. Custom Portrait - Superhero


4. Personalized Capes


5. Snow White Forest Princess Custom Portrait Illustration


6. An original watercolor couple portrait


7. Custom Pet Portrait Sculpture


8. Custom Portrait Made With Words


9. Custom Couple Portrait Paper Art Print


10. Custom Portrait Oil Painting


11. Personalized Longitude and Latitude Pillow


12. Personalized Baby Quilt


13. Custom Map Art


14. iPhone Cover with Monogram


15. Love Birds Necklace with Two Initial Pendant Necklace


16. Personalized Working Compass


17. Family love birds and baby birds in trees, plus love heart with initials


18. Custom Home Illustration


19. Personalized Bakeware Set


20. Birch Branch Tea Light Holder, Personalized With Your Initials


21. Monagrammed Cup Cozys


22. Personalized Salt & Pepper Shakers


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