16 Mind-Blowing Examples Of Paper Art You Can Own

Paper is such a common thing it’s often overlooked, but in the hands of these artist it gets transformed in amazing ways. The best thing about these amazing works of art… You can own them!

1. Spring Snow - original paper sculpture

2. Quilled Human Heart

3. Inseparable Love - handmade original papercut

4. Tuxedo Kitten - paper sculpture

5. Koi Fish - 3D paper cut art

6. Flower Basket - Paper filigree / quilling

7. Be and Releases - paper art print

8. Feathers in the Wind - paper art print

9. Quiller Earth Flow - wall art

10. Soaring Love - handmade original papercut

11. Girl on the Rooftop - papercut

12. Siamese Twin Witch - paper sculpture

13. Origami Paper Sculpture - modern mobile

14. Find Light Wherever You Look - paper art print

15. Custom Quilled Monogram

16. Rock God George Harrison - paper art print

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