19 Scientific Crafts That Will Blow Your Mind

They’re like a whole other kind of science project.

2. The molecules of Happiness Poster Set

3. Dollhouse Miniature Laboratory Equipment

4. Knitted Dissected Lab Rat

5. The Three Phases of Water - Crochet Molecules

6. Fresh Brain on a Butcher’s Tray Dollhouse Miniature

7. Jupiter and its 4 Largest Moons Necklaces

8. Quilled Brain paper art print

9. Tiny Microscope Necklace

10. Albert Einstein Quote Cuff Bracelet

11. Darwin Tree of Life and Ammonite Fossil Necklace

12. Serotonin Ring

13. Periodic Table Cuff Bracelet

14. Child Size Lab Coat

15. Cat Scientist T-shirt

16. Conical Flask and Test Tube Apron

17. Atom Hair Clip

18. Coffee Mug with Caffeine Molecule

19. Nikola Tesla Poster

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