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19 Gift Ideas For The Craft Beer Devotee In Your Life

Do you have a craft beer devotee on your list? Whether they plan vacations around microbreweries, or take home brewing very seriously, or if they just really love beer here are some gifts they could enjoy.

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1. Brewery in a Box / 1 Gallon Home Brewing Kit


2. Neon Draft Beer Sign


3. Beer Poster Set


4. Personalized Pub Beer Sign


5. 2014 BEER/FOOD Calendar


6. Medieval Viking style drinking horn


7. Tall 'n Stout Dark Chocolate Truffle, Stout Beer with Applewood Bacon & Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt


8. Set of 6 Etched Beer Glasses


9. It's The Most Wonderful Time For A beer Glass


10. Beer candle


11. Personalized Beer Tap Handle


12. Beer Necklace


13. The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer Print


14. Beer Glass With Foam iPhone Case


15. Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life Shirt


16. Home Brewer Seal Craft Beer T-Shirt


17. Beer Soap Shaving Kit


18. Beer Soap


19. Beer Tote


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