15 Handmade Halloween Items You Can Enjoy All Year

Halloween is a wonderful time to find all kinds of spooky stuff. Sometimes they are so nice you can keep it around all year!

1. Air plant living in large gold skull

$25.00 USD

2. Skull Paper Art Print

$17.00 USD

3. Skull Architecture fine art photograph

$26.00 USD

4. Hemlock Poison Tea Cup and Saucer

$38.00 USD

5. Victorian Skull Plate

$38.00 USD

6. Bats II on 10 x 14 Melamine Platter

$24.00 USD

7. Bat Bangle Bracelet

$17.95 USD

8. Skeleton Cameo Ring

$15.00 USD

9. Creepy Tree Glass Pendant

$13.95 USD

10. Black Ravens Nail Decals

$4.95 USD

11. Set of Two Spooky Mason Jars

$58.00 USD

12. Skeleton Candle Holder

$21.99 USD

13. Large Flying Bat Marquee

$49.90 USD

14. Ouija Style Board Doormat

$50.00 USD

15. Night moon pillow cover

$12.50 USD

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