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    15 Handmade Coffee-Themed Things That Will Perk Up Your Life

    Without coffee the world just might stop functioning, but some peoples' love for the beverage runs deeper than others. This list is for them.

    1. "Fill Line" Mug

    2. Crochet Coffee Cozy

    3. Coffee Cart Pumpkin Spice Latte Soap

    4. HTML Coffee Mug

    5. The Compendious Coffee Chart

    6. Coffee Bean Necklace

    7. Coffee Pour Over Station

    8. Starbucks Coffee Mocha Round Vegan Soap

    9. Ceramic Lined Concrete Coffee Travel Cup

    10. Cappuccino and Coffee Bean Earrings

    11. Coffee Burlap Messenger Bag

    12. Hazelnut coffee candle

    13. You're the Cream in My Coffee, Embroidered Wall Art

    14. Coffee Paper Art Print

    15. Coffee Stain iPhone Case