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Instagraming In The Summer Time

One of the summer's top mediums of social media, Instagram, is going to be jam packed with these photos this summer, why add to the mess? We are trying to warn you before you post the 34th selfie in 2 days, not that we have a problem with that.

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Selfie (Reality)

Your photo will be blurry, there will probably be something wrong with your hair/make up/ teeth/ etc. and perhaps a murder happening in the background, no, but go ahead, post 2,345,138 selfies this summer

Your S.O. (Expactation)

Taken some where magical like the park, theme park, the beach, or best of all; underwater. Of course, like all phones, your's can shoot pictures underwater and the random person you got to take your photo can do it at just the right time, let alone, knows how to use your camera!

Your S.O. (Reality)

The sauce will be showing, the cheese won't be concealing enough for the camera so the dad will hunt you down for making his baby girl bad, your S.O. might breakout and have anchoives from the negative vibes radiating off of your phone.

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