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    • papaphotografikr

      Harmit Tamber, first of all if you are not a Malaysian, do shut up. We are not a 3rd world country. It just shows how bloody ignorant you are. We are a democratic country where majority votes count. And the majority here do not condone LGBT. We do not succumb to the pressure of the minority blindly. Nor do we succumb to western pressures. And just for fun, to educated such modern, educated, civilized human being with a functioning brain like you, we don’t stone people for crime. Our legal system is based (sadly) on English Common Law which allow murderers, rapist to get out and commit the same crime again after being jailed for a number of years. Malaysia is also a multi racial country which is headed by a King and Prime Minister who is a Malay Muslim. Economically, the Chinese and one Indian is on the top 5 list of Billionaires in Malaysia where according to you is being oppressed. Malaysia also has a women as the Governor of out Central Bank of Malaysia. So we let a women take care of our wealth. Yes, we kinda treat our women as a property, a valuable one! When you type, trying to be a anal politically correct cyber warrior, please do at least a fast check. Maybe sucking dicks, drinking too much beer and eating bbq ribs makes you stupid, but hey, everything is on google now!

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