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    I Love Having The Hanes On Me

    When I heard a Hanes women's underwear commercial say "Wait 'til we get our Hanes on you" it excited me. After getting the Hanes on I made a customer lingerie review video and hope it goes viral because I want the whole world to know how much I love having my Hanes Her Way Nylon Brief Panties on.

    I Stopped Waiting And I Love Having The Hanes On Me

    To me there is no feeling more exquisite than wearing a slippery soft

    nylon full brief panties. Years ago I saw a television advertisement

    that featured women running around in Hanes Her Way women's panties.

    The ad said "Wait 'til we get our Hanes on you. It made me tingle all over.

    I finally bought a five-pack of Hanes WHer Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties,

    tried them on, and reviewed them on my blog. The post was titled: Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties and included the following embedded YouTube video, in which I stated: "Well, the Hanes are on me, and I love it! This video is, this customer lingerie review video is released into the public domain. Please share it everywhere. I want the whole world to know how much I love having my Hanes on."

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