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13 Shopping Problems Only Girls With Big Boobs Will Understand


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Now we all know, a shopping experience can either end up being successful or a total failure. For the latter, people like me, and other ladies whose lives revolve around the two humongous humps on their chest will agree that a lot of the time, shopping tends to disappoint. So here, I would like to educate 'all you skinny b*tches in the shops', in the words of Nicki Minaj with a twist, what it's truly like to go shopping for girls with big boobs.

1. Having to pick up all sizes ranging from 12-16 to try on in the fitting room.

When you have big boobs you are NOT one specific size, I repeat NOT one specific size. Everything matters: fabric, stretch potential, straps or no straps, etc.


2. Going in with 100 items and coming back out with two.

If you’re one of those people who goes into a shop and picks up all the things they like and goes to fitting room to try them all on, then wave goodbye to self confidence and happiness because chances are only about 2% of those things will genuinely look nice on your figure.


7. Being frustrated that tops simply will not fit your torso and waist if it fits your boobs and vice versa

The dreaded shirt boob hole :'( WHO MAKES THESE TOPS!? Seriously. Take me. Take me to the person who thinks this 14-size top has sufficient boob capacity.

9. Getting used to the fact that never will there be a strappy crop top that will fit/ look good on you.

10. Picking up an item of clothing you like and having to deal with the fact that it’s never going to work out between the two of you.


So step aside big booty b*tches, the real struggle stands with us big-boobed girls...

...who are not pondering how you get all dat in dem jeans but how we are going get THESE boobs into THIS top!

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