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15 Instagrammers That Will Shatter Your Perceptions Of Asian Women

Passive? Glass ceiling? Submissive? Not these boss ladies!

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15. @minji_money

Courtney Money / Via

Follower count: 26.3k

S L A Y! Courtney (or Minji) Money is super aware and accepting of her androgynous features, and has a handle on all things fierce. Goodbye, super "feminine"/"delicate" stereotype, hello Minji!

14. @softest.hard

Softest Hard / Via

Follower count: 54.7k

When was the last time you saw a fierce AF lady DJ? She also models! Even her eyeliner is on point in ferocity, just look at those wings! She embraces her sexuality and femininity, yet at the same time exudes badass-ery. Goodbye helpless nerd stereotype, hello Softest Hard!

13. @honeynsilk

Stephanie Liu / Via

Follower count: 71.2k

Stephanie Liu runs a fashion blog called Honey & Silk. Her style is a self-professed "Romantic, Elegant" (Instagram). She single-handedly redefines class and effortless chic—just look at her wardrobe! EFFORTLESS! Goodbye passionless, robotic Asian stereotype, hello Stephanie!

12. @cococuenco

Justine Cuenco / Via

Follower count: 78.3k

Who says Asian ladies can't be strong and sexy?? Justine Cuenco is a lifestyle blogger at Gypsum and a model who works out on the reg (no seriously, go check out her workout vids) and can't help giving off sexy vibes. She's also extremely ambitious, a fact she's very aware and proud of. Goodbye passive, shy stereotype, hello Justine!

11. @thenatalieliao

Natalie Liao / Via

Follower count: 96.6k

Let me tell you something about Natalie Liao: she is an extremely independent and strong Asian lady! She is full of positive, self-loving vibes, but is real enough to admit that she's been through some strugs. A blogger at Nalieli, Natalie likes to keep things cool, minimal, and chic. Goodbye needy girl stereotype, hello Natalie!

10. @soothingsista

Stephanie Villa / Via

Follower count: 295k

One look at Stephanie Villa, fashion and lifestyle vlogger at Youtube (@soothingsista), is all it takes to know you're looking at a boss bitch. She is the definition of FIERCE! She has openly spoken about self-love and overcoming bullying, and is now a self-described "B0$$ T¥€00N" (Instagram). People have yet to find a better way to describe her. Goodbye frail girl stereotype, hello Stephanie!

9. @marilynhue

Marilyn Tang / Via

Follower count: 310k

Marilyn Tang is a force to be reckoned with. She is currently working for Skrillex and OWSLA (!!!) as an art director for the merchandise department, but is most known for her freelance work shooting portraits of beautiful (understatement) girls. Marilyn isn't afraid to get down and dirty both in front of and behind the camera. She's helping reclaim female sexuality, and has a positive stance on sharing her creativity and work. Goodbye timid stereotype, hello Marilyn!

8. @rachelteetyler

Rachel Tee Tyler / Via

Follower count: 407k

Do you need some inspiration to hit the gym? Look no further. Fashion and lifestyle blogger at Rachel Tee Tyler, Rachel has the bod to inspire all bods, and a personal style that is just edgy enough to be both sexy and dangerous, especially combined with her killer bod (cannot emphasize enough) (pls check out at least her buns?). Goodbye Asian beauty standard stereotypes, hello Rachel!

7. @iamamypham

Amy Pham / Via

Follower count: 416k

Amy Pham is not only a DJ and a host, but also an actress and a model. Can you think of a better combination of accomplished? I think not. Peep her in WILL.I.AM's "It's My Birthday" MV. Did I mention she's also silly and hilarious? Her short Instagram videos are always super entertaining and relatable. Goodbye reserved, quiet stereotype, hello Amy!

6. @feralcreature

Eugénie Grey / Via

Follower count: 454k

Would you bother someone whose Instagram handle was so fierce? I thought not. Eugénie Grey is a fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who has amassed a huge following on social media. She's so influential that she was even featured on an episode of Playboy's new video series, "In My Drawers," where she showcases her bondage-influenced INTIMATES! PSA: DON'T MESS WITH HER! Also do yourself a favor and relish in her awesome tats. Goodbye helpless stereotype, hello Eugénie!

5. @heyclaire

Claire Marshall / Via

Follower count: 673k

This is where we start wandering into the realm of Instagram-verified profiles (the dream). Claire Marshall is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger on Youtube (@heyclaire), and she is every bit the image of badass. She's also incredibly inspirational, spreading beauty and body positivity. Peep her tats! We can only wish to be like Claire. Goodbye "every Asian girl looks the same" stereotype, hello Claire!

4. @margaret__zhang (two underscores!)

Margaret Zhang / Via

Follower count: 770k

The very definition of self-made, Margaret Zhang is unbelievable in that she's achieved so much at such a young age. She is a writer, stylist, photographer, and creative director, and has worked with huge magazines, including Vogue and ELLE (!!!). At the same time, Margaret is incredibly well-read and intelligent, as made clear through her blog, Shine by Three. There isn't even room for humorous content because we should take Margaret very seriously. Goodbye in-the-shadows, limited-by-glass-ceiling Asian girl stereotype, hello Margaret!

3. @imjennim

Jenn Im / Via

Follower count: 1.2m

Jenn Im is a fashion and lifestyle vlogger at Youtube (@clothesencounters), where she has captured the hearts of millions (you read that right) through her charm and bubbly personality. She doesn't shy away from giving life advice, including advice for relationships, careers, after-college life, etc. Goodbye dragon lady stereotype, hello Jenn!

2. @dannieriel

Dannie Riel / Via

Follower count: 1.3m

For those of you who don't already know Dannie Riel (how have you lived?): meet Dannie Riel. She's one of the sexiest models you've probably ever laid eyes on, and she knows it. And owns it. Dannie is a staunch believer in self-love, and is always deaf to haters. In addition to her looks, Dannie is also extremely down-to-earth and silly. Goodbye docile, obedient, "lotus blossom" stereotype, hello Dannie!

1. @songofstyle

Aimee Song / Via

Follower count: 3.6m

Fashion and lifestyle blogger at Song of Style, Aimee Song is the perfect example of why you ultimately can't fit Asian women into one box. A blend of so many interests, she's one of those self-made women who lives the globetrotting life we all aspire to. Can we all just have a moment of silence please for Aimee's groundbreaking work? Goodbye every stereotype ever, hello Aimee! :')

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